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Fast glass to Light Sport, we know aviation. 
       We put you in the plane you need...
                                                not necessarily the one we have in stock!

  We started out selling new Light Sport Aircraft, but the market has changed and so have we.  Why buy a new LSA that sells for over $160,000, when you can buy one a few years old at a huge discount?  The LSA market is great for those whose FAA medical is getting harder and more expensive to obtain.  We believe that a used LSA is a fabulous vehicle for those individuals.

  Others want to travel fast and avoid the airline hassles.  That is where high speed experimental aircraft shine.   The ability to cruise at 200 mph, fly to your destination, not an airline hub , allows you to beat the airlines to where you want to go!  Many times the location you have to go has a general aviation airport nearby, while the nearest commercial airport is 1-2 hour drive away.

  At iGOlsa.com, we have expertise on both value priced LSA’s and experimental aircraft.  We always have the standard Cessna and Piper aircraft too.  Whatever your needs, give us a call.

David Bowers   404.663.4480        just 14 miles south of Atlanta Hartsfield int'l airport
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